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Mobile Dental
Hygiene Services

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Cyndi MacDougall


About Cyndi

Cyndi is a native Californian and resident of the South Bay. She graduated from the USC School of Dentistry with a BS degree in Dental Hygiene and has completed over 150 hours of specialized training to obtain her Registered Dental Hygiene in Alternative Practice (RDHAP) credential. She is a member of The American Dental Hygiene Association and The California Dental Hygiene Association.  


Cyndi is passionate about people and their dental care. She has built wonderful, trusting relationships with her patients and happily serves multiple generations of families over her 20 years working in private practice. As some of her patients have reached their golden years, it has become increasingly difficult for many of them to come into the dental office. Cyndi brings high-quality dental hygiene services and care to senior, special needs patients, and busy individuals who prefer to receive treatment in their own homes or assisted care facilities.

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Top Gum Services

Oral Cancer Exams

Look for abnormalities

or signs of cancer

Periodontal Deep Scaling

Removal of calcified deposits of bacteria from the root surfaces that cause chronic inflammation and disease

Fluoride Treatments

Topical fluoride application to re-mineralize the tooth and root surfaces and prevent tooth decay

Periodontal Maintenance

Regular treatment to prevent the progression of periodontal disease and minimize chronic inflammation

Caries Detection

Look for cavities on the teeth and root surfaces


Seals the roots that allow fluids to pass into the nerve

Localized Antibiotic ​Therapy

Placement of antibiotics to help fight bacteria

Dental Referrals

Recommend specialists as needed

Insurance Policy
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Shirley & Cyndi

Cyndi with some of her happy clients

"Cyndi did a fantastic job of cleaning mom’s teeth

   outside of a traditional dental office. This creative  idea of remote dental hygiene services is just what we needed in order to get my mom back onto a regular hygiene schedule. So, thank you, Cyndi, for caring enough about seniors to pursue this new endeavor of in-home dental hygiene.” - Steve G., Torrance

"Cyndi, Just can’t believe our good fortune in finding        you and that you provide a mobile service and            understand so well the needs, fears, and limitations of elderly patients with Alzheimer’s.   You have a wonderful manner and clearly have both innate and professional skills to bring health and well being to those you serve. Thank you so so much. I’m so encouraged and relieved that my husband is in such good hands." - Yvonne B., RPV

"Mom always took careful care of her teeth. It was a        shock that she was starting to have gum issues          because self-care is beyond her ability now. We’re so happy you are able to help restore and maintain her oral health."  - CK, Los Angeles

"After I have had hygiene with Cyndi I feel like a             brand new person! She is hands down the best            hygienist I have ever experienced. She is a Knowledgeable, highly skilled practitioner with a warm and gentle bed side manor.  I highly recommend Cyndi to any patient!" - Ellen E., Hermosa/London 

“Cyndi has been the dental hygienist for our      entire        family for nearly twenty years. Her                            professionalism, compassion, and empathy are unparalleled. Not only do I love her as a person, I notice and appreciate the attention to detail she puts into her work and my teeth feel amazingly clean after a visit with her.”  - Casey Q., Hermosa Beach 

“Cyndi has been cleaning my wife’s and my teeth for            over 20 years.  She’s such a wonderful person!            She not only keeps up with technology, she has a true passion for all of her patients!” - Larry G., Redondo Beach

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